Just thought I would send you a short email to say thank you for all the work and advice you gave Jess on her placement at University of Maryland just over 4 years ago. She graduated in May with a degree in Economics and on her return she accepted a job with Apple into the Associate Management Program which was a dream come true with all the opportunities it brings. We look back on our meeting and discussions with yourself and ProDream and realise how good a decision it was to take your professional advice and recommendation to go to UMD. The University is exceptional and has transformed Jessica's life. Her golf varied from the good to the average and everything in between and your advice to accept UMD was so right. Some of our friends have gone through this process by themselves and made costly mistakes which has resulted in having to change Universities rather than seeking advice. We have proudly recommended you to a number of our friends given the service that you offered us.

Darral Gregory, parent of Jess Gregory University of Maryland
Prodream provides a great service that markets the players golfing talents through high quality video footage and personally advertises the player to numerous coaches throughout the country. With their in-depth knowledge of NCAA regulations Prodream makes a complicate process a very simple one. ProDream USA provided me with the best four years of my life and made sure that the University I attended was the best fit for my personality and life ambitions. I can’t thank them enough for providing me with the opportunity to experience different cultures, while developing my golf skills and obtaining a college degree. I truly Believe that the coaching and fantastic facilities in America have contributed to my golf game developing the way it has and is the reason I was able to win the Scottish Amateur Championship in 2016. Thank you, Prodream USA!

George Duncan, Scottish Amateur Champion 2016 Lincoln Memorial College
With Prodream and Lorne's help, they really did make my boyhood goal come true! Lorne's unrivalled expertise in College Golf helped get me my Scholarship and a life altering experience! Thanks again sir!

Pete McLachlan University of Missouri, Kansas City
I'd like to thank Lorne and his team for helping me through the whole recruiting process. Selecting a university isn't just about recieving a scholarship, but about finding the best fit for me as an individual. ProDreamUSA helped me identify a top university with a great coach and great facilities, the right division and conference, but also a university that offers a great education.......I know I'm going to love Clemson

Alice Hewson Clemson University
After the success of the recent seminar you held with Surrey County Golf Union I thought I would let you know of the overwhelming feedback we have had from both players and parents. Your knowledge of the U.S college system is second to none. With the potential pitfalls involved it was very clear to all present the benefits of prodreamU.S.A’s experience in this field. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone seriously contemplating a US golf scholarship.

Hugh Marr Director of Coaching, Surrey Golf Union
Dear Lorne, I thought I must write and tell you how pleased we are with the way Prodream has helped Sophie follow her dream of going to University in America. From day one you have helped steer us through the very complicated entry process into the American college system, your advise to us and Sophie has been invaluable. As parents we feel that you got to know as much as possible about Sophie to enable the best possible fit within the University System. As you know we had a lot of offers all over the US for places for her, we are really sure with your help picked we the best place for her in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and she cannot now wait to go!

David and Deborah Madden
We have been so impressed with the personal help and advice given by Lorne and the team at ProdreamUSA. Our son had signed up previously to another company with limited success, however once he had signed with ProdreamUSA we were amazed how many coaches from quality universities made contact through Lorne’s wide network of contacts. ProdreamUSA have been there all the way, from advising how best to respond to contacts, which colleges would be the most suitable, to helping us understand how the US academic system works and the NCAA rules and signing process. Speaking to a number of coaches has confirmed the high regard they have for Lorne and ProdreamUSA and his relationships with the coaches, which has obviously evolved over a long period, means they respect and value his approaches and recommendations for suitable players. We would strongly recommend ProdreamUSA to other families trying to find their way through the complicated process of obtaining a golfing scholarship in the USA. We would certainly have struggled without them and with the help of Lorne and ProdreamUSA our son has secured a scholarship at the university of his dreams

Linda Gardner, parent

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