The US College system provides a unique opportunity for talented golfers across the world to pursue a degree whilst training and competing in the most competitive environment in the amateur game.

Many of the world’s leading golfers honed their skills in US College Golf before making the transition to the professional ranks.

US College Golf teams play and practice at some of the best golf facilities in the world. Each team has their own coaching staff and players are expected to train as a full-time athlete.

There are a total of 2201 US College Golf Programs across the USA, 1249 men’s and 952 women’s, each of which is affiliated to one of the US Athletic Associations. Regardless of the institution, in order to participate and compete in US College Golf, you must also undertake to study a degree or college diploma in your chosen field of study. You must maintain a minimum standard in the class room to be eligible to play golf. Therefore, all US College Golf Coaches have a vested interest in your academic performance as well as helping you improve as a golfer. If you don’t pass, you won’t play!

Whilst some of the thousands of golfers in the US College game will go on and make a career in the game, those who don’t will have every opportunity to pursue a professional career in another field, using the degree they have studied.

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